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##  Cross Roads Community  * Home  * About  * Ministries  * Church workers  * Gallery  * Events  * Live Service  * Contact  * Donations ## About. . . . . .### Service & Sunday SchoolSunday Worship: 10:15 AM  Sunday School:  * Youth: 9:15 AM  * Adults: 9:15 AM## Searching? __Are you on a spiritual quest? Searching for what's real?  **  God is real.** Would you like to meet God? We'll introduce you, help you getbetter acquainted. Not that we know all there is to know about God. We're on aspiritual quest ourselves, and we find it easier to travel together than byourselves--the experience is somehow richer, deeper, more meaningful.    You're invited. We'll be glad to have you, whether it's a one-time visit, alifetime commitment, or something in between.### Service & Sunday SchoolSunday Worship: 10:15 AM  Sunday School:  * Youth: 9:15 AM  * Adults: 9:15 AM## Mission __Experience the wonder of Christ.  Grow and Thrive in your faith.  Our hands reaching your hands as we share the Spiritual adventure.  ### Service & Sunday SchoolSunday Worship: 10:15 AM  Sunday School:  * Youth: 9:15 AM  * Adults: 9:15 AM## Vision __With God’s help, we will strengthen and support our church community throughmore interactive worship, moving from audience to actors, and by having moreand deeper conversations, sharing times and celebrations. We trust and expectthat nurturing our spiritual growth will lead to greater participation inmission, ministry and outreach to members, friends, and the community outsidethe walls of our church.____  1. Searching?  2. Mission  3. Vision## Our Ministries. . . . . .Salt of the EarthOur ministry to chemotherapy patients is meaningful to everyone involved. Yourdonations of easy to prepare, healthy soups, fruit, apple sauce, snacks,drinks are appreciated. Place items in the cabinet at the bottom of the FirstSt. stairs.Pot Love DinnerA warm welcome and a nutritious FREE meal!  • Need a good meal on weekends?  • Tired of eating alone?  • Food budget stretched thin?  Served once a month at 12:00PM on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  RSVP 724-845-1901or Online! __BYOD* Bible Study*Bring Your Own Dinner Intro to the Bible  Select Wednesdays during Daylight Savings Time.  For date and times, see Events.____  1.   2.   3.   **Child Protection**  Cross Roads Community believes we are entrusted to care for all of thechildren of God. We work hard to make our church a safe place for children andadults. We are committed to safeguarding children  & youth, & protectingstaff. We work very hard to comply with PCUSA directives and Pennsylvaniastatutes in the area of child protection. _**The links shown**_ are to be usedby volunteers and church leaders to access clearances needed or an onlinetraining course. You’ll be directed by church staff as to which of these youneed secure in your volunteer role.  State Police Criminal Background Check  Childline Background Check  FBI Fingerprinting Background Check (If you have lived out of the stateanytime in the last 10 years)  Mandated Reporting Online Training## Behind the Pulpit. . . . . .## Co-Pastor __**Rev. Lisa Lyon**Lisa is a second-career pastor and a “tentmaker”: a graduate of PittsburghTheological Seminary ordained at age 40 who serves part-time as co-pastor ofCross Roads Community and works part-time as a legal secretary. Lisa enjoysplanning worship that includes a variety of types of music, ways of praying,designs for the worship space and styles of telling Bible stories that help asmany different people as possible praise and glorify God in a meaningful way.She is a member of the International Association of Women Ministers and theEvil Mothers Book Club.##### Lisa loves books, old movies, making quilts, volunteering on disasterrecovery work trips, and her grandchildren, not necessarily in that order.## Co-Pastor __**Rev. Gary Lyon**Gary remembers the day when Jesus walked into his life as a teen and has beenwalkin’ in the light of the Lord ever since. He is co-pastor at Cross RoadsCommunity with his wife Lisa. Gary is an active firefighter and water rescueteam member for the Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company. Gary spend as much ofhis spare time as possible outdoors playing: hunting, walking, kayaking,woodworking, and gazing into the heavens).##### Two daughters and their spouses, 6 grandchildren, and his dog, Cinder,complete the Lyon family.## Church Staff __****Karen Disciscio, Sec./Treas  Donna Cline, Fin. Secretary  Joe Kantor, Church Musician  Greg Paul, Custodian  Patricia Potter, Clerk of Session  Bill Davis, Moderator of Deacons  #####____  1. Co-Pastor Rev. Lisa Lyon  2. Co-Pastor Rev. Gary Lyon  3. Church Members## Gallery. . . . . .__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____To view more photos of our friends and family, please visit our Facebook pageat https://www.facebook.com/crcpc## Upcoming Events. . . . . .11th Annual Golf FORE Mission - More information | Register NOW!Vacation Bible School - More information | Register NOW!Newsletter## Live Service. . . . . .      Direct Link## Contact Us Now!Give us a call or send us an email with any questions or concerns that you mayhave.  Or if you're in the vicinity, stop and pay us a visit!271 Main St.  Leechburg, PA 15656  724-845-1901  Email: church@crcpc.org  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crcpc  NameEmailSend email###### © Cross Roads Community Presbyterian Church. All rights reserved.  Cross Roads Community is affliliated with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. andmember of the Synod of the Trinity__